I just completed the cooking bootcamp class. I loved it! Azar is an amazing instructor and the food was excellent. The class was the highlight of my week. Definitely recommend for anyone with any interest in cooking and eating healthy.

 Jason B.

My boyfriend and I took a romantic dinner cooking class with Azar. It was a fantastic date night and we learned some great cooking techniques. It's a fun, interactive class and you learn how to make healthy delicious dishes that you'll be able to recreate at home.

 Sarah D.

This class is such a fun and different thing to do with your partner! Azar is so warm. The class was also really well planned and interesting. The salmon dish we made was delicious! More importantly we learned tons of ideas about healthy cooking. I loved learning that recipe. We laughed a lot and had a blast.

 Shani H.

Healthy food starts here! I have used Azar's services for Exhibit9 gallery's openings, and has been very pleased with what she has offered.

 Sarah B.

I loved the concept of No-Bake Cookie Event, the cookies were Healthy and Delicious and your instructions were helpful, and easy.

 Julie C.

Your No-Bake Cookie Event was Wonderful, Fun, Healthy, and Easy to do.

 Ellen J.

Delicious No-Bake Cookies, I loved the cookies and I’m looking forward to learn more about your other recopies.

 May L.

This is a good event to have it with kids.

 Shanna, E