Food Therapy & Culinary Medicine for Adults

From diseases and illnesses to mood changes and sleep disorders and everything in between, stress and inappropriate food consumption are a primary source of all health problems.  Consuming food that is comparable with the internal environment of the body creates balance leading to health. Consuming the incorrect food for specific health issues will cause more harm than benefit to the body.  Since one diet does not fit all, Food Therapy and Culinary Medicine customizes the meal schedule and helps to address the correct food to heal, prevent, maintain, and/or to control a specific health issue(s), by focusing on proper fresh or/and cooked foods that targets that specific health issue(s).

Food Therapy and Culinary Medicine are a growing field of science which investigates the link between food and health and combines nutritional food with traditional medicine using medicinal properties of food to improve eating behaviors, and by focusing on skills such as food shopping, food storage, and proper meal preparation, to promote optimum health.

The goal is to determine the individual’s eating pattern and foods that she/he likes and accustomed to eating, then suggest recipes that cater to that individual’s needs and advice on what to eat, what to avoid, how to shop, how to prepare and cook that specific food.  We also include what ingredients to substitute without losing taste and texture.  We create and plan a balanced diet based on that individual’s nutritional needs, preferences, her/his internal temperature and body composition.

Foods are chosen based on ancient Persian Medicine, their medicinal effect and their seasonal healing properties.  The recipes are composed of seasonal vegetables and fruits, herbs and spices, specific ingredients for specific health issues, nutritional properties of food (being cool, warm, and/or neutral in nature) and make sure the chosen food produces sufficient energy to sustain health.

Are you interested in Food Therapy and Culinary Medicine to improve your health? We are offering a Free 30 Minute Nutritional Consultation to learn about you and discover how we can help you achieve your goal and maintain your healthy lifestyle for the years to come.  Our years of experience have led us to this place in life and we want to share all our experiences with you. We are counting on your honesty and participation to ensure your success. For more information, please contact us here . We are looking forward to hearing from you.



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