Eat Well with Azar helps our clients improve their health and their lives, avoid illness, recover from sicknesses, and save money and time.  We teach the basics of what makes a food healthy, how to shop for healthy foods, how to cook a healthy meal and how to stock the kitchen with healthy ingredients.

Nutritonal Coaching

FREE 30 Minute Nutritional Consultation.  Speak with Azar about your health goals and your timeline.

Meet Azar

Our founder, Azar Liliabadi is a Healthy Food Instructor who has years of experience in education and client services.  She worked in food manufacturing in her family business.  She hosted the Healthy Body, Nutrition Now, and Eat Well with Azar television programs, in addition to running food workshops since the year 2000. Azar shares the methods she used in her own life to lose nearly 95 pounds, lowering her cholesterol level from dangerously high to healthy levels, conquering acid reflux disease and a stomach ulcer, overcoming her chronic fatigue syndrome, and improving her energy and zest for life.

Azar Liliabadi received her Nutrition Certificate degree from George Mason University. She also holds a Masters of Audiology degree from the Northeastern University in Boston. She completed her fellowship at the George Washington University Hospital in Washington DC. She is currently working on her Culinary Medicine degree. She has a special interest in introducing Traditional Persian Medicine and educating clients on the use of food and herbs for prevention, healing, and maintaining of chronic illnesses.

Azar enjoys working with people and help them to achieve their optimum health. She also loves hiking, aerobic exercises, and kickboxing. She adores her little grandson and loves to spend time with him. When at home, she enjoys spending time gardening, cooking, baking, creating, and practicing different types of recipes.

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