How to Deal with Stress

Guest:  Dr. Gyzel Aval
Certified Chiropractor

How to Fight off Food Allergies

Guest: Joy Rowley
Life Coach

How to Make Healthy Food Choices

Guest: Dr. Robin Norris
Marriage & Family Therapist, PhD, LMFT

How to Fight off Colds and Flu

Guest: Dr. Elsa Lam, RPH, CHHC, FDN

Inflammation and How to Recover from it

Guest: Meaghan Maillet
Certified Massage Therapist

Migraine and How to Manage Migraine Better

Guest: Dr. Gyzel Aval
Certified Chiropractor

The Role of Chinese Medicine in Cancer Treatment and Prevention

Guest: Dr. Armeta Dastyar
Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

Eat Well with Azar Workshop

Nutrition and Diet

Guest: Dr. Alicja Terzian
George Mason University Professor of Nutrition 

Benefits of Family Eating Together

Proper Cleaning of Food

Food Contamination

Proper Posture

Guest: Rhonda Levinson
Personal Trainer

Proper Nutrition

Basics of Exercise

Guest: Rhonda Levinson
Personal Trainer

The Best Exercise Clothing to Wear

Guest: Rhonda Levinson
Personal Trainer

Immune System Boosting Foods

Nowruz Celebration Promotional Video

The Persian New Year (Nowruz)

How to Stay Motivated while Losing Weight

Cooking Skills

Different Types of Potatoes and How to Cook them

How to Shell & Devein Shrimp

Millard Reaction

Compare Egg Cooked with and without Butter

How to Slice Celery

How to Make Garlic & Herb Yogurt Sauce