Pasta sauces, meatballs, and bread dough not to mention prepping either through cutting and/or marinating of varying meats; chicken, meat and vegetable broths, fruit, rice, and vegetables are the easiest things to make and freeze ahead of time and great starters for the recipes you pull to prepare your daily meals.

Preparing and freezing varying ingredients not only saves you money, but it also helps you control portion sizes. The latter is especially helpful when trying to determine number of people to cook for or for watching what you eat personally.

More Advantages of Making Ahead Meals are:

  • You would save money because you are not going to eat out as often when you have a prepared meal at home
  • You would stay healthy because you are using fresh ingredients that would be preservative-free
  • You would lose weight because you can control not just the portions, but the ingredients as well
  • It’s an easy, quick and convenient way of preparing and having a healthy meal ready for the entire family to enjoy
  • It would save you time since you would just be putting your prepped ingredients together for your meal and if you were to skip going out, you would be saving time not standing in line for the restaurant to be seated, waiting for the waiter to come over to take your order then waiting for your actual order to be prepared …and let’s not forget the money saved as well

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