I am passionate about food and what I do to help people fight or prevent illnesses and diseases by not only choosing the right foods to eat, but more importantly, by being passionate about people who are eager to learn, maintain, and adapt a healthier lifestyle.

I’m available and well versed to speak on variety of health topics; this has been my life passion. I know how to help you make proactive choices to promote good health and maintain healthy weight expectations not to mention helping you prevent illness and potentially harmful diseases.

The workshops are designed for education and for promoting a healthy life style. They are designed to entertain and to have you engaged. Our belief is that nothing is affective if you are not interested in hearing it.

A workshop includes learning objectives, hands on activities, looking at our individual eating habits, in addition to learning the difference between counting calories (which is nearly impossible) to in taking calories that are fulfilling and complete.

These workshops are based on The Dietary Guidelines set for Americans by USDA.

Book Azar to speak at your party or at your Organization for 60 minutes (45 minutes of talk, 15 minutes of Q&A).