It’s important to gain confidence in your kitchen and in your ability to cook, what to look for while shopping at your favorite grocery store and to put all you’ve learned in to a well prepared and nutritious meal.

We guide, motivate, and support you in gaining confidence in cooking your own meals to helping you lead a healthier life style by learning the truths the foods you choose moving forward.

This class is designed for individuals who are not completely confident in the kitchen; who may question what’s healthy and what’s a more conscious choice to make. It’s for people struggling with their diets which may be high in fat, carbohydrates, calories and sugar…and unconsciously so. For people who are suffering from decreased energy, obesity, high cholesterol, high blood pressure or even depression and anxiety. And for parents struggling to get a nutritious meal on the table that meets everyone’s taste and dietary requirements.

How this Works:

  • We work together to evaluate your pantry, refrigerator and freezer
  • Together we decide which foods need to be discarded and which ones to keep; we will show you how to read food labels and food ingredients on the package
  • We will go over a foods “shelf life” and the proper storage of food; we will discuss and plan how to replace and substitute the unhealthy foods you previously chose with healthier versions without compromising flavor; the goal is to not only help you improve your diet, lose, gain, or maintain your weight, but also to prevent varying illnesses and gain more energy for your daily activities
  • We will organize your cabinets and drawers
  • We will go through everything in your cabinets and look over your cooking tools; we will decide the most efficient place to store your plates, glasses, cups, utensils, cooking tools and equipment; this activity will make the process of preparing meals and enjoying the process and environment you are cooking in exponentially greater…an uncluttered, organized space literally and figuratively clears your mind
  • We will also, in this process, decide on the best place to store and how to easily access your spices, oils, grains, sugars, teas, and coffee so that everything stays fresh longer; whether you have an official pantry or not, we’ll create one
  • “Healthy Kitchen Makeover” is an ideal gift to give or even to offer yourself; it is perfect for any occasion
  • “Healthy Kitchen Makeover” comes with a free one hour consultation