Grocery Shopping Tour was designed out of the necessity we saw in helping our clients grocery shop with confidence by doing it together.

It’s often very difficult to navigate around the grocery store and resist the temptation of all the options in front of you especially when you are hungry. That’s why many people end up with more processed, frozen, “ready-to-eat”, sugary and fatty foods in their shopping carts.

In our session together, we will decide on a meal and we will prepare our grocery list. It’s very important to stick to your list and to go shopping when you are not hungry. We’ll shop at your favorite grocery store and I will observe how you normally make your food choices. When you are done, we’ll assess your grocery cart and together we’ll choose the healthier versions of the foods you chose to put in your cart.

How this Works:

  • First, we’ll discuss the store layout and how the store purposefully attracts you to purchase certain items
  • Second, we’ll go through the fresh produce aisles and pick the fresh fruit and vegetables on our list. We’ll show you how to pick ripe and in season fruits and vegetables. We’ll discuss their nutritional values and shelf life
  • Third, we’ll show you how to read labels, calculate calories, understand the ingredients the product contains and what it means to you nutritionally
  • Fourth, we’ll find our way to the Oil, Grains, Pasta, and Cereal aisles and talk about the misconceptions these foods hold, their nutritional values and more importantly their benefits
  • Fifth, we’ll go to the Meat, Chicken, and Seafood counters to discuss the difference between the meaning of natural, organic, farm raised and grass fed
  • Sixth, we’ll go to the Frozen Foods section of the store and discover what frozen foods are healthy and which ones are not
  • Seventh, we’ll go to the Diary section of the store and talk about the health benefits and potential health risks of products like milk, eggs, cheese, and yogurt
  • Finally, we’ll cook together with the ingredients you chose…this time with a solid and knowledgeable foundation

This product, Grocery Shopping Tour and Cooking, is ideal for any day and any occasion. We sincerely believe this program is a great gift from a parent or guardian to their child, to a family member and friend. It is the foundation to every cooking experience to be enjoyed moving forward.